Kalla Udaluravu What to do ?

Posted by: admin 27/03/2013 Comments Off on Kalla Udaluravu What to do ?

We know that the tamilkama kathaigal is very very interesting to read, it can allows is very funny thoughts to us. Now tamil kama kathaigal reaches kalla uravu tamil kama kathaigal, then where can enjoy with the thoughts of the recent developmental stories.  Kalla uravu tamil kama kathaigal are only for bad peoples, Most of the people having kalla uravu without the knowledge of their wives. Why because namma ooru ponnunga sariya okamatendranagalam, Kalla uravu vachikita than nalla okuvangalam.

So most of the people makes kalla uravu, Kalla uravu is very very important to every one , Now explain about how to make kalla uravu?, Kalla uravu is nothing but most of the people wants more happyness and ool sugam in their lifes. So they start kalla uravu with other girls, The college girls are looking beautiful Most of the mens loves college girls, In the kalla uravu we want to satidfy our kalla partner, ena apothan inoru naaluku ooka kupta udane varuva, Neenga sariya ookalana, So by this methods we can make kalla uravu better.
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