Want Tamil Kamakathaigal in PDF ?

Posted by: admin 26/03/2013 Comments Off on Want Tamil Kamakathaigal in PDF ?

Now a days tamil kamakathaigal came in to pdf moded and by the mode of pdf it is very easy to read, it aalows to maja online, it allows to padichine kai adikalam . Because word document iruntha namma tamilans easily re-edit and publish them to all, athuve pdf documentla iruntha avalo seekarama can’t re-edit. But athe story pdf la irutha avanga most of cases ethum seiya maatanga and there is no difficult to read, athunalathan ippelam kathaigal pdf documents ah publish pandranga. Now tamil kama kathaigal in PDF documents where tamil people can enjoyed the reading of tamil kama kathaigal, it gives hot tamil online stories, it also gives more pleasure to us. Why because word documentla present panna athula some kinds of errors may be taken, ipadi panna there is no errors will be taken. But pdf mode la iruhta athu oru pictorial view mathiri we can see but we cant edit the file. But now in online most of the editing tools are available to edit and modify them.

Ungaluku ipo pdf file la irukarathu Ms-Word ku convert pananumna just ungaloda file irukara location ah select panni vachukanga. Then connect to the internet and search in google for ” PDF to WORD converter” then this is very easy method . Then automatically  redirected to one site, which is called pdf to word converter in online suddenly, it gives free pdf documents online. It will ask you to upload your pdf file on to the place for change the word file into pdf file, it allows to kaiadich kaji velikalam . Then click on the convert button, By this methos you can change the pdf file to words, by can make lot of pdf documents online. But if u want word to pdf, again google la poe word to PDF converternu kudutha udane ungaluku oru conormation link varum, Then atha clikc panna udane enaku 3 kulanthaga pothum.

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